A Video Of LaVar Ball Playing Basketball Has Surfaced, And It’s Not Pretty

Getty Image

There has been so much chatter lately about whether LaVar Ball could beat Michael Jordan in his prime in 1-on-1. It’s absurd, and everyone agrees that Jordan would win, but Ball is so confident that you can’t help but wonder “what if?”

Well, we finally have video proof of what Ball’s game looks like and it’s not great. The Hoops Column acquired video of Ball playing in a pickup game where he doesn’t exactly look like someone who could give Jordan fits. In fact, he doesn’t even look like he’s in the same galaxy as any of his sons. (Ball is wearing No. 8 on the red team.)

Here are some of our favorite “highlights” from the video:

Ball just looks extremely awkward on the basketball court. Of course, Ball is nearly 50, so whatever athleticism he had when he was younger is gone, but he doesn’t even look like he has much of an idea of what to do when the ball is in his hands.

Ball’s argument for beating Jordan when the two were in their primes was based on two things: he was too big to guard, and while MJ would beat him in 5-on-5, Ball is undefeated in 1-on-1. The first part of that argument always seemed dubious due to the fact that Jordan was one of the best defenders on earth, and based on this, it’s safe to assume that he’s lost plenty of times on the hardwood.