Inside Rasheed’s Head

04.10.08 10 years ago 13 Comments posted a story from ESPN the Mag about all things Rasheed Wallace. It’s a solid read and gives some insight into the man his teammates call “Homeless Harry”:

Though he has more money than even wealthy people can grasp, Sheed has been seen walking down the street with holes in his sweats—hence the nickname Homeless Harry. And when teammates wear fancy clothes, he has been known to remove the apparel from their lockers, hang them on the dry-erase board, draw an arrow to them and write in mock disgust: “Are you serious?!” He lets his hair grow, getting it cut only when he’s back in Philly, by the same barber he has gone to for years. He rarely does commercials. “I could have had the soft drink contract,” Wallace says, “but it’s not me.” He refused to be photographed for this story, saying he’d rather share the spotlight with the team’s other stars, and during the 20 minutes he gave for an interview, he hardly made eye contact.

Check out the full thing HERE.

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