The ‘Inside The NBA’ Crew Went Autotune And Things Got Weird Really Fast

When Inside the NBA decides to get weird, it can get really bizarre in no time. That’s especially true when Charles Barkley is very obviously annoyed by something Shaquille O’Neal is doing.

We got another example of this on Tuesday, when someone thought it would be fun to autotune the dudes on the panel. Shaq had a ton of fun with this. He started singing about Russell Westbrook and how no one can slow him down.

Then, the conversation turned over to Barkley. He was trying to back up a point that Reggie Miller made earlier about Westbrook, explaining how superstars need to take control when their team plays a road playoff game because they can’t make their teammates better in the way they’re able to at home. The only issue was the people behind the scenes autotuned Barkley’s comments, which made him kinda mad.

Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith got autotuned at the end of the segment, but the highlights were easily Shaq and Chuck and their polar opposite reactions to hearing their voices autotuned. Shaq sounded like he was getting ready to end up on a track with T-Pain, Barkley was just visibly angry.

Inside the NBA frequently gives us some pretty good television, but this may have been one of its best moments.