A 4-Part ‘Inside The NBA’ Docuseries Is Coming To TNT In March

Inside The NBA has been on the air for more than 30 years and is, for many, the most beloved sports studio show of all-time. Ernie Johnson has been there from the beginning, joined by various analysts in the early years, but Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley became permanent fixtures, eventually joined by Shaquille O’Neal.

That group will tell their story, along with the help of others who have been guests or just famous fans of the show, in a four-part documentary series on TNT starting March 4. The first trailer for the series shows how it will trace the history of the show, but also tell some never before told stories of what goes on behind the scenes at Studio J and how they found their identity as one of the more fun sports shows on TV.

It’s interesting that this series comes out at a time where the tide has, to an extent, turned a bit against Inside The NBA recently, at least with regards to how they talk about the current state of the game. Shaq’s seemingly endless spats with current players and occasional moments where he and Barkley are unaware of the existence of a player before they play on TNT haven’t exactly endeared them to some who crave a bit more.

Still, they are the most entertaining studio show on television and the stories that come out of this docuseries figure to only add to the lore of some of the show’s funniest moments.