Intern Has More Game Than Jason Thompson And Donte Greene

01.15.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

Being that they’re young, rich NBA players, we can’t imagine it’s too hard for Jason Thompson and Donte Greene of the Sacramento Kings to pull some good looking girls. Unfortunately for them, Bessie won’t be one of those girls. In this short skit posted on, Greene, Thompson and Kings intern Jon Santiago all fight for Bessie in The Dating Game.

Thompson and Greene show off their game off the court and even attempt to sing (Donte’s not too bad). However, Bessie wasn’t really feeling it and opted to go with the high strung intern. Apparently there are some perks to being a non-paid intern.

NBA players and teams cranking out comedic or creative videos on YouTube has been a trend the past few years. We all remember Chris Bosh’s hilarious All-Star campaigns. We’ve also recently posted videos made by Baron Davis, Steve Nash and DeShawn Stevenson.

Which NBA player has created the best YouTube video?

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