Lil B Has Finally Freed James Harden From The Based God’s Curse

06.04.17 11 months ago


If I were to ask you what the most powerful force in the NBA was, you would probably answer with the Golden State Warriors, or possibly LeBron James. You would also be wrong, because the Based God’s curse is the correct answer to that question.

Bay Area rapper Lil B, aka the Based God, has placed his curse on a few NBA players — namely Kevin Durant and James Harden — dooming them to a life of championship-less basketball playing. Durant was cursed in 2011 when he refused to play Lil B in 1-on-1 and called him a “wack” rapper. For five years, Durant and the Thunder failed to take home a title. This summer, when Durant joined the Golden State Warriors, Lil B’s favorite team, the Based God wrote an open letter to Durant lifting the curse. Everyone has assumed Durant joined the Warriors to get a championship. They’re correct about the motive, but it’s not because he wanted to play with Steph Curry and company. Instead, it was the only way to have the curse lifted.

James Harden, Durant’s old Oklahoma City teammate, has likewise been hit with the Based God’s curse because Harden’s cooking celebration is stolen from the Based God, according to Lil B. However, on Sunday morning ahead of Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Lil B appeared on ESPN’s First Take and made the decision to pardon Harden and lift the curse.

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