Jason Kidd Goes For The Clean Sweep Of The NBA

07.15.09 10 years ago 15 Comments

There are a lot of crazy stats and records out there, but I doubt any compare to this: Jason Kidd has recorded regular season triple-doubles against 27 of the league’s 30 teams. Considering he’s played on only three different squads throughout his NBA career, that’s quite impressive. But the question is, will he be able to make the clean sweep?

The only three teams that haven’t had their box score filled up by J-Kidd are the Celtics, Thunder and his former squad the Nets. Although Kidd did have three triple-doubles against the Celtics in the 2002 Playoffs and recorded a regular-season triple-double against the Sonics when they were still in Seattle, we’re not trying to cut any corners here.

Last season, Kidd recorded just three triple-doubles with the Mavs so if that’s all he has left in the tank, he’s going to have to be selective this year.

Do you think Kidd will complete the clean sweep?

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