No One Was Buying Jay Williams Claiming His Celtics Tweet Was From A Hacker

The Celtics are in the process of finalizing a deal to bring Nets assistant (and former assistant with the Spurs and Sixers) Ime Udoka to Boston to be their next head coach after Brad Stevens moved into running the team’s front office. It is a move that didn’t surprise many as Udoka has been considered a future head coach in the NBA for a number of years now.

While not surprising, it is still good to see because there are not enough Black head coaches in the NBA as, prior to Udoka’s hiring, there were just seven Black head coaches. That the first of the seven current job openings went to a Black coach was a significant deal, but it was not an historic moment for the Celtics franchise that had the first Black head coach in league history when Bill Russell coached the team and won its most recent title with Doc Rivers at the helm of the franchise.

However, that didn’t stop ESPN’s Jay Williams from firing off this tweet that was later deleted on Wednesday morning.


Again, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate a young Black coach who has more than paid his dues getting a head coaching opportunity, but this was just flatly false. On Wednesday night, many hours later, Williams produced one of the all-time “I got hacked” excuses in Twitter apology history.

One of three things happened here: Williams is desperately trying to cover for an embarrassing tweet, Williams has someone who handles his social media who made a very embarrassing tweet and has since been dismissed, or there is the world’s weirdest Twitter hacker who is hacking into famous people’s accounts, not to post something crazy or vulgar, but just to fire off bad and wrong takes that are plausible enough to be real.

I will let you decide which of those seems most likely, but his excuse didn’t pass the smell test for anyone on Twitter.