Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss Again Tweeted Out Her Support For Luke Walton

01.13.18 3 months ago

Getty Image

Luke Walton has weathered the LaVar Ball storm pretty nicely, all things considered. Despite not getting a convincing endorsement from anyone that isn’t Kyle Kuzma, the Los Angeles Lakers head coach has joked and coached his way through what could have been a complete crisis for the Lakers.

Ball’s criticism of Walton isn’t likely to change anytime soon, but it seems like Walton knows how to handle it by now. Despite rumors indicating that he might be out at season’s end in favor of David Fizdale in an effort to land LeBron James, Walton has done a nice job making it sound like he’s blocked out the noise.

And on Friday night, Walton got a bit of good PR as Lakers owner Jeanie Buss tweeted about having dinner with her head coach. In the photo, Buss used the hashtag #InLukeWeTrust, which is a pretty significant endorsement of Walton.

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