Jerry Buss and Lamar Odom Have Some Beef

07.15.09 10 years ago 32 Comments

If Ron Artest just inked a three-year, $18 million deal to come to Los Angeles, what business does Lamar Odom have holding out for nothing less than five years, $50 mil?

This seems silly. The Lakers’ management had an offer to Lamar Odom on the table for about a week worth $36 million over four years or $30 million over three. They’re already sporting the League’s largest pay role. But L.O. won’t budge. So now they’ve taken the deal off the table.

“Yes, we have taken the deal off the table,” Lakers public relations director John Black said. “Talks have broken down for the time being.”

Black was asked if talks could resume in the future.

“That’s within the realm of possibility,” he said.

Clearly L.A.’s front office isn’t happy about this. At another point in that LA Times article, they’re described as being “baffled” by Odom’s intransigence. It’s all the more perplexing, given that there aren’t many – if any – teams out there who could offer a better deal. Miami and Dallas only have the mid-level exception to offer. Among teams with more cap space, Odom isn’t the best fit to earn starter money. Memphis has Rudy Gay, Detroit has Tayshaun, Atlanta has Joe Johnson/Josh Smith, OKC has Durant, Toronto just got Turkoglu, and Portland is about to lock up Millsap.

If Odom took the $36 million deal in LA, he could make up some of the extra cash he’s looking for with endorsement deals. That ain’t going to happen in Memphis.
Source: LA Times

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