Jerry Krause Does Not Like The Hall Of Fame

09.11.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

Many people benefited and profited from Michael Jordan. One person in particular was former Bulls GM Jerry Krause. Despite the fact that MJ won his franchise six NBA titles and helped boost Krause’s own personal net worth, he wasn’t on hand to celebrate MJ’s induction. While the reason wasn’t because of a personal grudge against Jordan, it was rather a personal grudge against the Hall of Fame. Krause is upset that legendary Bulls assistant Tex Winter has not been voted into the HOF to this point.

“Michael’s the greatest player who ever played a team sport,” Krause told ESPN today. “He’s given me and my family and everyone who has been associated with the Bulls, everything. We all benefited from Michael being there, and I’m happy for him and his special day.

“But the Hall of Fame thing is personal with me. I’m not walking back in there until Tex Winter is acknowledged.”

Source: ESPN

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