The Celtics Allegedly Didn’t Trade For Jimmy Butler Because Of Chemistry Concerns

08.30.17 7 months ago

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At some point in the very near future, barring the trade completely falling apart, it looks like the Boston Celtics are going to acquire Kyrie Irving. Danny Ainge performed a roster makeover that’s worthy of an HGTV show, turning over last year’s roster of scrappy role players and a career-year having Isaiah Thomas into a star-studded team that will start the aforementioned Irving, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford (one of the few remaining from last year’s squad) and a Morris Twin — which will make the budding Celtics/Wizards rivalry even more intriguing.

That being said, some ask, if the 2018 unprotected Brooklyn pick was the Holy Grail that teams were all seeking in terms of trade pieces, why would Danny Ainge trade it for Kyrie Irving and not better positional fits such as Jimmy Butler and Paul George that may have allowed them to keep Avery Bradley.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe has the answer, with sources telling him George was an issue of timing, as Indiana pulled the trigger with Oklahoma City surprisingly quickly leaving Boston out of the loop without the chance to boost their offer after landing Hayward. There is still a question of whether the Celtics would have juiced their offer for George, considering there are very real concerns that he will bolt for Los Angeles next season — that’s especially the case now that the NBA is looking into possible tampering violations by the Lakers and Magic Johnson.

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