Jimmy Butler Says The Timberwolves Could Fix Things, But They Won’t Be Honest

10.10.18 6 months ago

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Jimmy Butler still wants out of Minnesota despite showing up at practice (and basically wrecking everything and everyone) on Wednesday.

Butler showed up to practice, called out just about everyone from the front office to the coaching staff to the young stars he’s long butted heads with, and then beat the starters with third-stringers before storming out. Some players apparently loved it, others, like Karl-Anthony Towns who bore the brunt of Butler’s wrath, with Jimmy going so far as to guard Towns in scrimmages and call him soft, couldn’t believe it.

No matter what it was, Butler got what he wanted: a reaction. He put the franchise on notice that, so long as he’s still on the team, he’s going to do this and make sure everyone’s aware of his presence, good or bad. When he sat down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols on Wednesday afternoon, he confirmed that “a lot” of the reports were true and he did get into it with Towns, but claimed he was just being “brutally honest.

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