The Chicago Bulls Forgot How To Spell Recent Ex-Bull Joakim Noah’s Name

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Joakim Noah spent nine seasons with the Chicago Bulls. Through the ups and downs of playoff exits at the hands of LeBron James and his exciting, energetic style that the blue-collar fans in Chicago adored, Joakim Noah was a fan favorite. When he left to his hometown Knicks, it wasn’t met with any hostility. The Knicks wanted to pay the oft-injured center $72 million over four years, and the Bulls couldn’t, or wouldn’t match.

Since the beginning of the 2016 season, Noah has only played in 46 games for the Knicks, and it seems like the heady days when he was diving for loose balls and screaming throughout the United Center have already been forgotten by everyone, including the organization that proudly signed his checks as he was twice named an All-Star and a member of the 2014 All-NBA first team. On the roster sheet for the Bulls/Knicks game this weekend, Noah was on the inactive list, and Noah’s name was blatantly misspelled:

Joaquim Noah is not a person that exists in the NBA. Joakim Noah, however, is currently active in the NBA G-League, but he could be moved back up to the main Knicks roster as soon as “injuries or matchups” determine an opening, according to Knicks GM Scott Perry.

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