Joel Embiid Joked He Could Win The Dunk Contest With The Judging For Jaylen Brown

The2024 Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis featured a bit of a judging controversy, not quite on the level of Dwyane Wade in 2020, but there were some questionable scores from the judging panel that seemed to favor the lone current All-Star in the competition, Jaylen Brown.

The Dunk Contest has been lacking in true star power in recent years, and the crowd in Lucas Oil Stadium certainly wasn’t in agreement with the scores Brown was getting for his dunks compared to the others in the competition. Brown advanced to the final round against Mac McClung on these two dunks.

The crowd made their feelings known, booing after almost every score was revealed for Brown, and they weren’t alone in feeling like something was a bit fishy. Joel Embiid, who was home watching the contest due to his knee injury, was tweeting throughout and said that he’s “a professional hater” but if he entered the contest he could win based on the scores being handed out for All-Stars — that is, if his knees could do it.

Embiid also had to poke fun at Kenny Smith’s commentary on the night, as he couldn’t help himself listening to the TNT broadcast.

McClung did end up winning with a 50 on his final dunk as he cleared Shaq without needing a pushup, edging out Brown in the finals, so if there was an agenda to get Brown better scores, there was also a limit to how far it would go.