We Have Our First Look At Joel Embiid’s Mask And Goggles Look For Game 3

04.19.18 11 months ago

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Joel Embiid‘s mask has been one of the most talked about accessories of the NBA playoffs. On Thursday night, we finally got a look at what it will look like before he takes the floor in Game 3.

Reports came Thursday night that if Embiid were to play it would be with a slightly different, stronger mask than he had worn on the sideline during Game 2. And, indeed, Embiid took the court for warmups before Game 3 wearing a newer, though still black, mask. He also wore a snazzy pair of goggles.

Shelburne shared a bit more information about the mask itself and how it was made as well.

The mask and goggles combination really is something. Upon further inspection, the clear part of the goggles is actually part of the mask, unlike the open holes for his eyes in the earlier mask he wore.

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