John Wall in, Andray Blatche out

06.26.10 9 years ago 16 Comments

While the Wizards are still introducing their new franchise point guard (John Wall) and figuring out what to do with their old one (Gilbert Arenas), the team’s power forward of the future just suffered a major setback. Andray Blatche broke his left foot earlier this week, and following surgery yesterday is expected to miss about three months. Coming off his breakout half-season — the Antawn Jamison trade opened up a starting spot, where Blatche averaged 20 and 8 boards down the stretch — this was arguably the biggest summer of Blatche’s career. If he worked on his game and maybe got in early on developing a chemistry with Wall, he could do big things next season … There’s a little Monta Ellis/Vlad Radmanovic twist to this story, though. Rumor has it Blatche broke his foot playing streetball in the same Berry Farms league in D.C. that Kevin Durant, Mike Beasley and Arenas have been known to frequent, but Blatche claims he got hurt working out at the Verizon Center. No mopeds or skis involved in this one, but keep an eye on it … In other injury news, Kendrick Perkins also has a torn ACL to go on top of the original MCL/PCL diagnosis, so he’s likely going to miss all of next season. If the Celtics weren’t already convinced 2010 was their last real year to win a ‘chip with the Pierce/Garnett/Allen core, that should put it over the top … Crazy how fast the NBA Draft fallout became less about the rookies and more about free agency — particularly LeBron James, whose current team didn’t even have a pick. General consensus said several teams made financially-motivated moves on Thursday with the intention of clearing up more cap space to make a run at LeBron and the rest of the stocked free-agent class. Before any of that, though, who made the biggest mark in terms of adding new talent? Our list of Draft Night winners includes notorious eff-ups Philly and the Clippers, while the losers include Minnesota and the Knicks, which surprised no one. And don’t forget the Hornets; one of our guys thinks they had the best draft of any team … BTW, in that Draft losers piece, does anyone else think Stanley Robinson appears too closely built like Maya Moore in that photo? That could be why he slipped to almost the last pick in the Draft … Bucks second-round pick Jerome Jordan (C, Tulsa) was traded to the Knicks. If he makes the team, dude needs to buy #23 off of Toney Douglas. It’d be interesting to see how many Knicks fans would buy a #23 Jordan jersey. Mike tortured their squad, but at the same time he’s a god in NY … Speaking of LeBron, reportedly he will meet with the teams courting him on a neutral site instead of going on a big free-agency tour. We get the feeling that “neutral site” will end up being LeBron’s living room, but cut him a break: He never really got to experience the whole college recruiting thing because everybody knew he was going pro right out of high school … Of the many trades completed on Draft Night, one rumor was that Orlando and Toronto talked about a deal that would have sent Hedo Turkoglu back to his old team. That makes zero sense for the Magic. They let Hedo walk precisely because they didn’t want to pay him a ton of money, so they’re going to bring him back now and pay him a ton of money when he might be significantly worse than he was the last time he suited up for the squad? … We’re out like mopeds …

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