JORDAN CP3.IV Launch: I’ve Taken My Talents To The Big Easy

12.16.10 8 years ago


There’s nothing better than when Jordan Brand sends you a “Save The Date” card with a trip to New Orleans on the horizon. And yesterday, I hopped on the plane and took my talents down to the Big Easy. While I can’t say much about what’s about to go down — because they’ve kept almost everything under waps — I do know that I’ll be leaving soon for a launch event for Chris Paul‘s fourth signature shoe, the JORDAN CP3.IV.

For those of you that already picked up Dime #61, you know that we got up with CP for the cover story (that he wrote) and the shoe’s designer, Jason Mayden, for a feature on the shoe.

Obviously, whatever goes down in the next two days, I’ll be keep you up-to-date on all the happenings. And when I’m not at the computer, make sure you follow along on Twitter for everything that transpires. So if you have any questions for CP or about the shoe, just leave them in the comments below.

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