J.R. Smith Doesn’t Understand The Recent Criticism Of Paul George

12.14.17 1 year ago

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Paul George returned to Indiana for the first time since he was traded by the Pacers to the Thunder this past summer. The response from the Indiana faithful was predictably filled with boos in introductions and just about anytime he touched the ball throughout the game.

George didn’t have his best individual performance, struggling on his way to 12 points on 3-of-14 shooting and four turnovers, but the Thunder were able to get him a 100-95 win (much like how they did in Anthony’s first game against New York) and George sealed the game with a late steal and free throws.

The conversation coming into and even after the game was how the former Pacers’ superstar still hadn’t found a comfortable spot in the Thunder’s new trio of stars alongside Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony. While most point to it being a matter of it being difficult to manufacture the kind of chemistry needed to make such an arrangement work so quickly, there are some that have begun to criticize George, the basketball player.

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