JR Smith Is Tweeting Through His Experience As A College Student

J.R. Smith made an extremely unusual move recently when he decided to enroll at North Carolina A&T State University and walk onto the golf team. This is obviously not something we see, well, ever β€” usually when NBA players are done with their basketball playing careers, they decide to do stuff like “get a TV gig” or “find another way to work in basketball.”

Smith, however, decided to get an education and pursue a college sport, something that he didn’t get the opportunity to do as he jumped directly from high school to the NBA. While he committed to North Carolina, Smith instead decided to go pro and went 18th overall in the 2004 NBA Draft. It’s hard to fault him for the move, because things went extremely well for him, but Smith is using this to catch up on lost time and get the full college experience.

Thankfully for us, Smith is live-tweeting the entire thing, which is so much better than anything we could have expected. The college experience can really stink, what with all the tests and essays and studying and what not, and Smith has used his Twitter account to both hammer this home and, in a way, let students know that everyone who goes through it has similar struggles with having to take care of everything that’s put on their plate.

In a tweet that went viral, Smith revealed that people around Greensboro do not believe he’s actually doing the whole college thing.

He is, of course, not getting the full freshman year college experience in a few ways that, as someone who went to college, I’m pretty envious of.

He is, however, doing IM sports.

Still, Smith is a student first and foremost, and it’s apparently been quite the fulfilling experience, even if it does seem like there have been some bumps in the road.