Karl-Anthony Towns Is Getting Some ‘Rick And Morty’ Themed Sneakers

02.07.18 1 year ago

Kickstradamus on Instagram

Karl-Anthony Towns‘ relationship with Kickstradomis is paying huge dividends for everyone involved these days. His Halloween-themed HyperReacts were a huge hit in October, and his willingness to show off his interests on his shoes has been a fun way for fans to get to know Towns over the years.

The latest collaboration is a neon green pair of Rick and Morty Nike Hyperdunks. Los Angeles artist Salvador Amezcua‘s latest is a homage to the brilliant Cartoon Network show that has plenty of not-so-brilliant fans, but it’s clear that Towns ranks among some of the biggest Blips and Chitz fans out there.

The shoes feature a perturbed Morty and jovial Rick on each side of the upper. And yes, Pickle Rick makes an appearance on each shoe’s toe.

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