Karl-Anthony Towns Is Getting Some ‘Rick And Morty’ Themed Sneakers

Kickstradamus on Instagram

Karl-Anthony Towns‘ relationship with Kickstradomis is paying huge dividends for everyone involved these days. His Halloween-themed HyperReacts were a huge hit in October, and his willingness to show off his interests on his shoes has been a fun way for fans to get to know Towns over the years.

The latest collaboration is a neon green pair of Rick and Morty Nike Hyperdunks. Los Angeles artist Salvador Amezcua‘s latest is a homage to the brilliant Cartoon Network show that has plenty of not-so-brilliant fans, but it’s clear that Towns ranks among some of the biggest Blips and Chitz fans out there.

The shoes feature a perturbed Morty and jovial Rick on each side of the upper. And yes, Pickle Rick makes an appearance on each shoe’s toe.

The black and spotted white accents take the show’s title card and portal colors and show off a design that really pops. It’s a nice little nod to the show to just have Rick and Morty, small in comparison to the rest of the shoe, floating off in the vast universe that is

The Kickstradomis Instagram account also posted a time-lapse video of him painting the shoes, which is very satisfying.

“February means no color restrictions,” Kickstradomis said as ‘Get Shwifty’ played in the background of the video, which is a bit NSFW because of said song. “That means I’m about to go ham.”

The video shows the shoe artist taking a pair of normal green and white Hyperdunks and custom-painting the Adult Swim duo onto each shoe. The end result is pretty great, and fans of Towns and Dan Harmon’s cartoon are going to be pretty jealous. If only he could have found a way to get Roy on there somehow. Would have really taken these kicks off the grid, if you know what I mean.

KAT actually got the Rick and Morty party started early, with a SECOND pair of R&M-themed kicks during the 2018 NBA All-Star Game:

(If you’re having trouble spotting the reference, that’s a silhouette of the title characters in the circle on the toe of Towns’ right shoe.) That’s dedication to the show.