Kevin Durant Won’t Stop Trolling Warriors Rookie Chris Boucher’s Instagram Page

11.07.17 1 year ago

Getty Image

Kevin Durant’s social media activity became a legitimate NBA story this offseason when it was revealed he apparently used burner accounts to argue with fans about himself in his mentions. While Durant has denied the existence of fake accounts, his explanation for his tweets about Russell Westbrook and the Thunder, in which he referred to himself in the third person (that he admitted to sending), didn’t add up.

Since then, KD has avoided any controversy involving his social media accounts, to the delight of the Warriors, as he’s avoided any mixups on his main Twitter account. That said, there is a new trend emerging of how he’s still managing to have fun online and bust chops on social media, but this time doing so from his main account.

Twitter user @Matttyyy_D realized that Durant regularly trolls Warriors’ rookie Chris Boucher’s Instagram comments whenever Boucher adds a new post. From telling Boucher he’s “ugly as sh*t” to calling him “trash,” Durant seems to enjoy messing with the rookie on Instagram.

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