Kevin Durant Apologized For Tweets About OKC Which Basically Admitted He Has Alt Accounts

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The biggest story of this week in the never-ending soap opera that is the NBA offseason was the revelation that Kevin Durant apparently has secondary Twitter and Instagram accounts that he uses to cape for himself in arguments. This came to light when Durant’s official account accidentally tweeted things in the third person about how Durant didn’t like Billy Donovan or the Thunder organization that appeared to have been meant to come from a different Twitter account.

There was wild speculation about Durant having alternate accounts that he used to argue for himself in his official Twitter accounts mentions, but there was no proof. He could have easily put this on a social media manager or someone else with access to his account, but while speaking at Tech Crunch in San Francisco, Durant admitted to having the alternate Instagram account and also admitted that he was the one that sent the tweets about Donovan and the Thunder.

You can read the transcript of that video here.

So, there’s a lot to unpack here. Admitting to the friends and family Instagram account is one thing (although, there were screenshots of that account arguing with fans in mentions too), but to note that he was the one making those tweets seems to admit that he has alternate accounts that he uses to hop in his mentions and debate with fans about himself. He doesn’t explicitly admit to having other Twitter accounts, but admitting that tweets about himself in the third person from his own official account were by him would seem to indicate they exist.

It also means that Durant admitted to actually disliking the Thunder organization and being coached by Billy Donovan, which is an incredible revelation. It’s an astonishing bit of honesty from Durant and, while refreshing to hear an athlete admit he made a mistake on social media and wasn’t simply hacked, this is maybe the one time that it would have been smart to burn your one “I was hacked” card. I think we all thought we’d moved past the worst of the Durant-OKC feud, but this will only serve to escalate things.

UPDATE: Durant spoke with USA Today’s Sam Amick and denied the existence of a secret Twitter account, noting he understands how it looked that way. A lot of things still don’t add up with regards to the third person nature of his tweet, but maybe he just wanted to talk like The Rock cutting a promo.