Kevin Durant Responds To Online Critics Because He’s ‘Qualified’ To Do So

05.24.19 1 month ago

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Since Kevin Durant went down with a calf strain against the Rockets in the second round, the unfolding of events has only primed the engine on all the stale and predictable talking points surrounding his dynamics with the Warriors.

Golden State has gone undefeated in his absence and, in the process, resuscitated the playing style that defined them before his arrival. Naturally, it’s dominated much of the dialogue among fans and media. And because Kevin Durant has to find ways to occupy his time while injured, he’s been sniping at his critics lately, be they national reporter with embattled rep or anonymous Twitter egg.

When asked on Friday about why he even bothers to feed oxygen to the naysayers, Durant said, first and foremost, that it’s because as a licensed basketball professional, his opinion carries validity. But he also tried to explain that, despite how bristly or abrasive he often comes across, it’s coming from a place of genuine interest in the subject and a desire to create a dialogue.

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