Kevin Durant Called Out ‘Drunk Uncle’ Shannon Sharpe For Using A Fake Quote On TV

The last time Kevin Durant got into a Twitter beef with a fellow famous person, it landed him a hefty fine from the NBA for some awful, homophobic language he used in DMs to Michael Rapaport, who screenshotted them and shared them with the world. However, if anyone thought that’d keep KD away from Twitter, they don’t know the sports world’s most famous poster, and on Monday night and Tuesday morning he was at it again, but this time there was no doubt Durant was in the right.

It started with Shannon Sharpe going on Undisputed and citing a fake Durant quote from a meme and KD, understandably, calling “drunk uncle” Shannon out for it.

Sharpe, rather than just admitting he’d goofed, doubled down and fired back at KD, who is never one to let something go so he continued to ask why he was using fake quotes.

Shannon asked for KD to talk with him outside the “eye” of social media to settle their differences, which is a weird thing to say when you get called out for citing a fake quote on your television show to suddenly want to discuss things privately.

On top of all of a sudden wanting to take things offline, Sharpe has to know that’s not how KD rolls. This is a man who has said over and over that he logs onto the bird looking for drama and wanting to argue, so you can’t expect him to suddenly look to take this to a phone call to settle some differences — which, again, are solely caused by Sharpe here, who could just say “I got got, my bad” and have all of this be done rather than doubling down.

Sharpe then blocked Durant, which unsurprisingly gave KD the final word.