Let Kobe Bryant Explain How Michael Jackson’s Work Ethic Spurred Him To Greatness

02.23.16 2 years ago

Kobe Bryant has been a superstar on a team in the most star-studded city in the world for his entire career. It’s expected that he’d cross paths with some interesting people at some point. Even with that in mind, the story of how he was inspired to work harder at his own career by Michael Jackson is an interesting one.

Bryant revealed that the King of Pop was a source of inspiration for him during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. When Kobe was first entering the league, he looked to the music world’s MJ to shape his own attitude toward work.

“He really showed me his process and how he sold 50 million albums…He walked me step by step through things that he learned from [his influences] and how it made him a better entertainer. How he studied the Beatles, how he broke down every single note and felt like there was a certain emotional connection with each chord. It was just fascinating stuff. I thought I was working hard until I met him.”

Kobe Bryant has proven to be quite the source of inspiration himself, candidly dispensing advice to everyone from Derrick Rose to Ronda Rousey during his farewell tour.

However, we shouldn’t think Bryant was always this good-natured. Just ask Pau Gasol, who was pushed by Bryant in one of the most subtly embarrassing ways possible.

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