Kristaps Porzingis First Adidas PE Sneaker Will Get A Limited Release In New York

10.11.17 8 months ago


Kristaps Porzingis is now the man in New York, after the Knicks traded away Carmelo Anthony this summer to the Thunder. Not only will Porzingis be taking on the role of lead star at Madison Square Garden, but he immediately becomes the most popular basketball player in all of New York City.

His status in New York, a city that loves their sneakers, comes at the prefect time for adidas, which signed him to a very lucrative sneaker deal last year. It usually takes some time for a player to get their own signature shoe with a new company, and that will likely be the case with Porzingis.

That said, adidas can still take advantage of Porzingis being the guy in New York and they appear to be trying with the release of a limited-edition run of KP Crazy Explosive sneakers at Packer Shoes in Jersey City. The Crazy Explosive is one of adidas’ most popular basketball sneakers for NBA players without a signature, and by releasing Porzingis’ Knicks colorway (albeit on a limited release) rather than keeping it as a player exclusive is probably smart.

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