More Horrific Details Have Emerged About Rape Allegations Against Kristaps Porzingis

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Kristaps Porzingis is under investigation by the New York Police Department for an alleged rape that took place on Feb. 7, 2018, in which he is accused of beating and raping a woman in his Manhattan apartment.

The accuser went to police on Thursday and told them she waited to report the crime because she claims Porzingis originally promised her $68,000 but never paid. Porzingis’ reps have denied the allegations and insisted she is trying to extort the now-Mavs star, along with saying they informed the league “months ago” that allegations would eventually come out against him, but police are treating her claims as credible and believable and are investigating the matter fully.

On Sunday, further details into the allegations brought by the victim were brought to light in a report from TMZ, who cite law enforcement sources that say she told police he called her “my slave” as well as hitting her in the face multiple times.

The woman told cops he hit her in the face several times, spit on her, called her “my bitch” and “my slave” and said he owned her. We’re told the accuser claims he stopped assaulting her as she was putting up a fight.

On Saturday, ESPN had reported the Mavs were made aware of rape allegations against Porzingis prior to trading for him at the deadline. Mark Cuban also offered a statement to the Post that they knew of the allegations, but did not disclose when they became aware of them. On Sunday, The Dallas Morning News cited a pair of sources that claim the team was only told of an extortion scheme against Porzingis, but they were not told it centered on rape allegations.

“The word that was used was ‘extortion,'” one of the sources told The Dallas Morning News on Sunday.

“The word ‘rape’ was never used, only ‘extortion,'” the second source told The News.

That is obviously a significant distinction, but either way he’s with the Mavs now and they will have to navigate handling this case as it proceeds. The details from the TMZ report make allegations of an already horrific crime appear even worse.