Kyrie Irving Explained His Flat Earth Theory Was All Part Of An ‘Exploitation Tactic’

09.26.17 1 year ago 8 Comments

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Kyrie Irving is getting familiar with the Boston media now that he’s a member of the Celtics, and that inevitably means he’s going to get questions about his belief that the Earth is flat. But according to Irving, that belief isn’t as cut and dry as he made it seem back at the All-Star game in New Orleans.

Irving joined the “Toucher and Rich” show on CBS Sports Radio in Boston on Monday and was asked about his infamous claim that he Earth is not round, like it actually is, but flat (which it is not).

The show’s posts about the incident seem to indicate that Irving was joking. Trolling everyone, if you will. Having a goof and a spoof, even. But we only have audio and can’t see if Irving was nodding or laughing when the hosts ask him about his claims and while he certainly admits to using the claims to exploit people jumping to conclusions, he doesn’t exactly definitively deny believing them.

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