Lakers Fans Won’t Stop Defacing The LeBron Mural So The Artist Painted Over It

07.11.18 8 months ago

@GodzoBall on Twitter

The LeBron James mural that welcomed the superstar to Los Angeles is no more. The artist who made the “King of LA” mural painted over the offending artwork on Wednesday, apparently because people wouldn’t leave well enough alone.

Cleveland took down its own LeBron James banner, and when James signed with the Lakers a graffiti artist decided to honor him with a design in Venice. Someone defaced it on Sunday, though, taking up a Twitter user offering a bounty on the mural because it called James the “king” of a city he has yet to play for. As a result, the artist removed the “of” in the design, hopefully to stave off further vandalization.

But that apparently wasn’t enough for Lakers fans upset that James joined the Lakers, or that someone claimed he was a King of anything. It kept getting messed with, and Twitter user @GodzoBall tweeted a before and after of the mural on Wednesday asking “what is wrong with people?”

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