Lance Stephenson Could Become The Pacers Point Guard After Paul George Is Traded

06.19.17 10 months ago

Getty Image

The Pacers are about to enter rebuilding mode whenever they are able to trade Paul George, which could be any day now if they get their wishes, after George told them he wouldn’t re-sign with them next summer. With George leaving, it’s time for the Pacers to shift towards a youth movement, with center Myles Turner likely being the focal point of the rebuild.

Jeff Teague, who the Pacers acquired last year from the Hawks, is a free agent this year, and while the hometown product would likely choose to stay in Indiana if the price was right, the Pacers don’t have much need to sign a veteran point guard for big money if George is leaving. That will certainly leave Indiana with a hole to fill at point guard for the immediate future, but the Pacers have an idea for that.

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