LaVar Ball’s Offensive New Big Baller Brand Shirt Is Sure To Alienate Women Even More

Seemingly unaware of how disastrous and disgraceful his recent appearance on FS1’s “The Herd” was, LaVar Ball has decided to literally capitalize on that moment by selling t-shirts based off what he told the show’s co-host Kristine Leahy. And true to form, Ball’s newest t-shirts are rather expensive for what they are.

Angered by Leahy’s line of questioning about Big Baller Brand shoe sales, Ball offensively told her to “stay in yo lane.” He also later added that Big Baller Brand was not a women’s company, despite the fact they have apparel for women on their website.

Ball’s comments instantly drew the ire of many, and he was lambasted for being so dismissive and sexist. Yet all of the criticism has apparently fallen on deaf ears as Ball took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that Big Baller Brand is now selling “Stay In Yo Lane” t-shirts.

The t-shirt is available on Big Baller Brand’s website for a whopping $50 and in a “Gold Foil” version for $60. The shirt’s price is quite ludicrous, especially since it is not made with high-tech performance fabric. Instead, it’s made with “soft and comfortable fabric to help keep you dry and comfortable,” whatever that means.

Even more outrageous, women can purchase a Big Baller Brand a “Stay In Yo Lane” tanktop. There is even a “Savage Version” of the tanktop for women.

Naturally, the internet just roasted Ball’s latest cash grab on Twitter:

Ball may end up selling some t-shirts and tank-tops, and he will view that as a victory. Yet, his grandstanding and over-the-top comments are also creating a lot of negativity for him and his son, Lonzo Ball, who is expected to be a top pick in June’s NBA Draft. Ball, of course, views all of the negativity as success. However, if it ends up impacting where his son gets drafted, perhaps only then will Ball reconsider his outrageous nature.