Leading Sock Company Stance Announces New Collection With Dwyane Wade

02.14.13 6 years ago

It’s weird. I used to go to the gym and everyone would stare at each other’s sneakers. Now, not only do you need to keep the kicks game on point, but you must take it over the top with the socks. Colors. Designs. Holiday features. It’s not enough to have some dope shoes – you need the socks as well.

Off of that, have you ever checked out Dwyane Wade‘s Instagram? It’s basically a bunch of photos about a famous basketball player that wears crazy socks. That’s how I’d best describe it in one sentence. And this is where the company Stance comes in.

Stance is one of the leading sock companies in the industry, and just announced they’re releasing The Wade Collection, featuring casual and gentlemen socks designed and developed by D-Wade. It will be launching later this year.

Wade, always known as one of the more innovative athletes when it came to fashion, will be the first basketball player to have his own sock line. The collection will feature input from members of Brand Wade, and are meant to reflect Wade’s life experiences while letting consumers express their creativity in a different avenue.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Stance on this new endeavor since fashion and personal expression is something I take pride in,” Wade says. “Socks are often overlooked in fashion, but I’ve always believed that style is about taking risks. Socks have the amazing ability to transform any ensemble into a bold fashion statement that reflects your personality and mood.”

No word yet on an official release date, but stay tuned with us for all of the details.

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