LeBron Is Gunning For Kareem’s MVP Record

05.04.09 10 years ago 31 Comments

With the fact that King James will be named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player this afternoon at only 24 years old, this got me thinking: How many will LeBron have by the time he’s done playing?

The list of multiple MVP Award winners is impressive: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has six; Michael Jordan and Bill Russell have five; Wilt Chamberlain has four; Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Moses Malone have three; Bob Pettit, Karl Malone, Tim Duncan and Steve Nash have two. So with arguably 13 years left in the League, playing until he is 37 years old, how many more trophies can LeBron amass?

When I posed this question in the office, one member of the Dime crew said two at the most, while another said six more is doable. I feel like it will land somewhere in between. But one thing about the arrival of LeBron that kills me is that Kobe will most likely finish his career with only one trophy of Maurice Podoloff. And that just seems crazy.

How many MVP Awards will LeBron have by the time he’s done playing?

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