LeBron James A+R’d 2 Chainz’s New Album ‘Rap Or Go To The League’


LeBron James has an awful lot on his plate right now, as his move to Los Angeles has coincided with him expanding his budding entertainment empire, with producer credits on a number of movies and TV shows, as well as some upcoming starring roles in the works as well.

He also, obviously, is tasked with trying to lead the Lakers to the postseason to keep his streak of 13 consecutive playoff appearances alive, but he still finds time to add more projects off the court. The latest of those is, as far as we know, his first A&R gig on 2 Chainz’s upcoming album “Rap Or Go To The League,” which will release on March 1.

We’ve long known James’ affinity for hip-hop, and he regularly posts videos to Instagram of him listening to someone’s new album (often well prior to the public release). However, taking on an A&R role (Artists and Repertoire) in an official capacity is new and as 2 Chainz notes in a snippet posted to IG of a larger video coming to Apple Music, James isn’t just being handed that title for no reason, he had a ton of input on the album.

As the title of the album indicates, “Rap Or Go To The League” is heavily influenced by 2 Chainz’s own life growing up playing basketball (eventually on scholarship at Alabama State) and rapping, first as Tity Boi then as 2 Chainz, which has worked well as he’s become one of the most popular hip-hop artists on the planet. So, it makes sense that he would turn to a basketball player in LeBron for some help and guidance on the album — not to mention it won’t hurt when it comes to selling the album.