LeBron James Quoted Big Sean In His Positive Tweets About The Cavs’ Future

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LeBron James’ annual midseason meltdown may have finally come to a close as we’ve reached the last stage of its typical cycle: the self-aggrandizing yet motivational subtweet. Yes, LeBron has already complained publicly about the Cavaliers’ personnel, first demanding a backup point guard, then more pointedly asking for “a f*cking playmaker.” From there, ‘Bron went right into a few subtweets questioning the Cavs’ desire to repeat as champions. He’s wrapping things up with a few more tweets, and now that this is all done he might want to shut Twitter down, even months before he set to go into his “Zero Dark Thirty” mode. Kind of.

James took to his Twitter to vent by Mad Lib-ing his current situation into the chorus of Big Sean’s energetic hitBounce Back.” The track is all about, um, bouncing back from a few losses, so it’s kind of perfect for ‘Bron’s current situation and gives him a little bit of leeway to flex some of his talents as a rapper. “Lately taken L’s, but very soon we’ll bounce back,” he wrote, mimicking the chorus of Sean’s track. “Boy, frustrating as hell, I know my team we’ll bounce back.”

With Sean touting Jay Z as part of his “Clique,” who knows, maybe they can connect the dots and get LeBron on the remix? Probably not. Well, hopefully not because that sounds like an awful idea.

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