LeBron James Demands ‘More Bodies’ And A ‘F*cking Playmaker’ After The Cavs’ Latest Loss

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01.24.17 16 Comments

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On Monday night, after the Knicks managed to do the impossible and defend a late lead, the Inside the NBA crew aired the highlights from the Cavaliers-Pelicans game. Charles Barkley, as he often does, added a hilarious touch to the highlights by repeatedly saying, “No way the Cavaliers lose to the Pelicans without Anthony Davis.” And that matters today because, yes, the Cavaliers lost to the Pelicans, who were without their star player, and it wasn’t nearly as close as the 124-122 final score suggests. In fact, the Pelicans shouldn’t be celebrating as much as they should be focused on how they almost blew a massive lead.

As for the Eastern Conference leading Cavs, well, all is not well in the kingdom of LeBron James (seen above screaming, “EVERYONNNNE!” like Gary Oldman in The Professional). Cleveland has lost five of its last seven, and the loss to New Orleans is made even worse by the fact that James posted a triple-double, while Kyrie Irving had a career night with 49 points.

That’s a sure sign that something is really, really wrong, which James made sure to mention after the game.

What else are we going to do? You saw the game. Kyrie had to do that. I tried to mix in my plays… we had no choice.

Listen, we got what we got.

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