Clay Travis’ FS1 Colleague Blasted Him On Twitter For Saying LeBron Faked Racist Vandalism

It’s been a banner week for terrible takes on FS1 regarding LeBron James, which is saying something considering the lineup of rabble-rousers and hot take artists they employ. While it’s one thing to question LeBron James’ place among the NBA’s all-time greats, it’s another to disparage him for being the victim of a hate crime when someone spray painted the N-word across the front gate of his Los Angeles home the day before Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

James spoke with the media later on Wednesday about the vandalism and was candid and brutally honest about the prevalence of racism in America. James explained how painful it was not being able to talk with his children about what had happened, but called for the incident to open a dialogue about racism being a significant issue in this country and not one that only affects certain African-Americans. As James noted, racists don’t care about how famous you are or how much money you make.

The first terrible take on this issue came from Jason Whitlock, who said James — who had literally the day before been the target of racism — was not in a position to talk about racism because it does not affect black people who are wealthy. Whitlock was subsequently ripped on Twitter by Martellus Bennett, Dahntay Jones, and by his FS1 colleague Mike Hill for his absurd remarks.

On Sunday, Clay Travis decided that Whitlock couldn’t have a LeBron/racism take worse than his, so he one-upped Whitlock by claiming that the racist vandalism of his home was a false flag operation committed by James’ camp to get him goodwill ahead of Game 1 of the Finals and give him an excuse for getting blown out.

It’s a mind-numbingly awful take from Travis, who is no stranger to them, and he, like Whitlock, was immediately ripped on Twitter by pretty much everyone. Everyone, including his FS1 colleague Nick Wright, who decided to not only attack Travis’ conspiracy theory about LeBron, but also called him out for faking his act as the sports media’s number one conservative, anti-politically correct voice.

Travis proceeded to get upset about Wright bringing up his statement on Black Lives Matter from a year ago — when Travis said he wanted them to be miserable — and they had a lengthy back-and-forth, ending in a harsh shot from Wright.

Finally, Wright broke out screenshots of an old email from Travis in an attempt to prove that Travis’ public persona as the super conservative was just an act.

Wright wants to prove that Travis is putting on an act for page views and simply says things just to get attention. Travis has long been the champion of the theory that ESPN is failing because of the company’s liberal bias, but — as with his Black Lives Matter stance — he’s gone too far with this conspiracy theory for his colleague not to rip him.