A LeBron Hater Took Things To The Next Level By Getting A Crying LeBron Tattoo

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A guy named Kalen Gilleese thinks that Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James, and he has the tattoo to prove it. The Salt Lake City man got a tattoo of LeBron on his leg that says everything you need to know about his thoughts on the Jordan/James debate.

No, it’s not Crying Jordan on Gilleese’s leg, but Crying James.

CNN caught up with the man who said he was tired of hearing people debate which NBA legend is better, so he decided to let his gams do the talking for him.

“He’s always flopping, crying, looking for fouls. I’ve never had a lot of respect for him,” Gilleese told CNN.

Here’s a closeup of that leg, in case you needed to see the fine details.
Gilleese’s roommate Preston Schooley happened to be a tattoo artist, and it was his idea to tat Crying LeBron on his friend. He said it took about three hours to make it happen. It’s pretty great tattoo work, but his take on LeBron isn’t nearly as nuanced as that tattoo is.

He said he’s got big plans to make the LeBron tattoo part of a sports legend leg sleeve that will eventually feature Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky and, of course, Michael Jordan.

“LeBron is definitely a legend, but he’s the biggest crybaby legend of all time.”

Gilleese says he laughs every time he looks at it, so at least he’s enjoying the view. But it doesn’t exactly sound like Crying Jordan will join Crying LeBron on his leg sleeve anytime soon.