LeBron James Explained His ‘Mood’ Instagram With A More Confusing Post

Getty Image

LeBron James is going through some stuff right now. It might be because of the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ subpar record, or it might be because Kyrie Irving is thriving with the Boston Celtics. No one seems to really know what is going through the best basketball player in the world’s head at the moment.

All we know is he is in some type of mood, and it doesn’t seem like it’s an especially good one. After the Celtics took down the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night, LeBron posted a picture to his Instagram of the Arthur’s Fist meme and captioned it “Mood…” It was taken as LeBron sending a message to, well, someone. No one really knows.

But of course, because it was a thing LeBron James did, it took off. Members of the media discussed it with J.R. Smith. Draymond Green felt the need to prod LeBron, because he enjoys doing that. And because every good movie gets a sequel that’s not as good, LeBron threw another post on Instagram that includes the Arthur’s Fist meme.

LeBron is a pretty calculated guy when it comes to throwing things onto social media, but sometimes, it’s probably safe to chalk up his posts to having fun. This seems like nothing more than a silly way to address and respond to all of the chatter from the last day or so, although who know? Maybe he’s trying to tell us something, but probably not.