LeBron James Kept The Knicks Trash Talk Going By Calling Himself The King Of New York

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LeBron James made it clear he has a favorite playground, and after Monday night the New York Knicks are just interlopers waiting for the King to take the court.

James continued his attack against Enes Kanter and the Knicks on Tuesday after a triumphant comeback victory at Madison Square Garden that got his teammates to break out pictures of aardvarks on Instagram.

But after James got into it with both Kanter and Knicks rookie Frank Ntilikina on Monday, he had a hammer to drop of his own on the social media site the next morning, with the Knicks remaining firmly in his crosshairs.

“King of NY,” James posted, or at least implied with the use of an emoji crown. He also hashtagged the post, an image of him stepping on the Knicks logo at center court, with #myfavoriteplayground, which is about as hilarious and petty as you can possibly be. It was an extremely LeBron James thing to post after a big win, especially given the drama the game had.

The ‘King of NY’ response is a play on his nickname, of course, but also a line Kanter had in postgame where he said he would not be disrespected whether LeBron called himself a king or queen or princess. James already had a response for him in his own postgame press conference, but this was an exclamation point on the matter.

LeBron made it clear that he prefers “King,” and few can claim the title doesn’t suit him after Monday night.