A LeBron Lookalike Sitting Courtside At Lakers-Rockets Had Fans Spooked On Halloween

LeBron James is in his 19th season in the NBA, something you will surely hear a lot on Lakers broadcasts as it remains astonishing that he can continue to be one of the best players in the league as he creeps up on 37 years old this December.

On Sunday night, James dazzled once again as he and the Lakers took on the poor Rockets in a matchup that was ripe for the picking for L.A, who were looking for a get right spot and got served one of the NBA’s youngest teams on a platter. LeBron and company picked apart the Rockets early, carrying a 20-point lead into the third quarter and it was a very happy Halloween in Staples Center. So happy, in fact, that James took a seat courtside to watch the action. Or, at least, it looked that way when the camera caught a LeBron doppelgänger seated behind James running down the floor that drew the attention of fans.

It helps that the man in the background is out of focus, but he really does eerily look like LeBron is watching himself, just wearing a hat. Immediately, NBA Twitter brought the jokes, with plenty of movie references, but also others who felt this was a bit too spooky of a coincidence for Halloween.

The man in question is Patrick Christopher, a former NBA player turned designer and the older brother of Rockets rookie Josh Christopher. Even LeBron got a kick out of the spooky situation.