LeBron Has The Same Complaints About Watching Games On The NBA App As You Do

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have Wednesday night off as they were among the four teams that tipped their seasons off on Tuesday. James and the Lakers collected their 2020 championship rings prior to a loss to their in-town rival Clippers, with LeBron suffering an ankle injury that caused him to miss the final minutes of action.

LeBron insists he’ll be ready to go for Christmas Day, but in the meantime plans on getting plenty of attention from the medical staff for that ankle and drinking lots of wine, which he says will help his recovery. James, being the hoops junkie that he is, was excited to settle in with a bottle of wine and fire up his NBA Gametime app for the opening night of basketball around the rest of the league, but was reminded once again of the frustrations of trying to watch games from the app.

It is a time honored tradition among NBA fans to get frustrated by trying to watch League Pass, whether through their TV providers — which don’t always have an HD option — to working through the app that sometimes has its hiccups and odd presentation quirks like showing games as “LIVE” when they don’t tip for some time. It’s always fun when we get to see James, the everyman, dealing with the same frustrations as the rest of us. That James is voicing these problems he has with the app on Twitter also provides some hope that we might see some action taken to fix these issues, which would also be nice.