LeBron James Surprised A Fan After Jumping On A 2K Twitch Stream

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James certainly made Adin “Adin2Huncho” Ross’ day on Sunday when he jumped on Ross’ Twitch stream to say hello. According to Ginx, Ross was already playing NBA 2K20 with James’ son, Bronny, when he heard the Lakers star in the background and asked if he could come on the stream. James obliged, and the two had a brief but fun conversation.

“He said, is this LeBron,” James laughed after hopping on the mic.

“I love you,” Ross, a fairly well-known Twitch streamer, said in return. “I don’t want to be a fanboy, but like, I love you.”

“Nah, it’s all respect, man,” The King said, shortly before getting back to his usual Sunday activities. “I appreciate it, man. You show love and respect to me and my son.”

Naturally, Ross freaked out a little bit after James got off the mic. He jumped up with his arms in the air, before letting out an incomprehensible sound and repeatedly yelling, “What the f-ck!”

Unfortunately, Ross, who has 19.7K followers on Twitter and around 85K on Twitch, was suspended from the streaming platform for seven days on Monday after breaking community guidelines. In a screenshot he posted to Twitter, the message from Twitch said that he had featured a “suspended broadcaster,” but did not note who that was or when the guidelines breach occurred. Still, it was probably worth it for a moment with The King that fans everywhere would love the chance to have.