LeBron puts 27-11-10 and coal in Kobe’s Christmas stocking

12.26.10 8 years ago 44 Comments
LeBron James said it the other day: He didn’t get any prizes for beating the L.A. Lakers in the regular season when he was with Cleveland. And now that the name on the front of LeBron’s jersey is different, they’re still not giving out trophies for beating L.A. in December. Still, following another dominant performance on the Miami Heat’s biggest stage – LeBron dropped 27 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists in a Christmas Day ass-kicking of the two-time defending champs – the King and his Heat at least delivered a statement that they are going to be a problem for everybody in the League, champs included … LeBron was simply too much for the Lake Show to handle. Ron Artest tried to get rough with him, inducing a technical on LBJ when he wrapped him up in a headlock underneath the basket one time, but otherwise LeBron treated L.A.’s defenders like traffic cones. He blew past them for layups, measured them for pull-up threes, and generally looked every bit like the two-time defending league MVP … Chris Bosh continued to silence his early-season critics, putting up 24 points and 13 boards and outplaying everybody on L.A.’s vaunted front line. Bosh’s and-one dunks/screams are becoming just as much part of Miami’s regular highlight reel as LeBron and D-Wade’s fast-break acrobatics and whichever random shooter has the hot hand on wide-open threes that day. Yesterday it was Mario Chalmers, who had three triples … Kobe had 17 points (6-16 FG), and his battle of bricks with D-Wade (18 pts, 6-17 FG) played out like the explosive two-guard version of Chris Paul and Deron Williams’ often underwhelming head-to-head matchups. Kobe’s biggest impact came during post-game interviews, when he ripped his team for not playing hard enough, not wanting to win bad enough, failing to show up consistently enough, and basically settling for two championships when they should be busting their asses for three … Mark Jackson said D-Wade is the third-best shooting guard of all-time. Discuss … Spotted in the crowd: Kanye West, Will.i.am, Anton Chigur, Penelope Cruz, Gabrielle Union, Jeremy Piven and Lionel Richie … Spotted on the bench: Jamaal Magloire, who almost found himself on the injured list when Artest came flying out of bounds and crushed Magloire and his nice suit … Maybe Miami beating L.A. wasn’t an upset, but Orlando getting a W against Boston sure was. And not even because the C’s had a 14-game win streak on the line, or because the Magic are still getting used to their new lineup. It’s because well into the fourth quarter, Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas weren’t doing much of anything offensively, and there seemed no way Orlando should have even been close on the scoreboard …

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