Lil B Put His Curse On Kenyon Martin For His Jeremy Lin Comments

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Retired NBA star Kenyon Martin found himself embroiled in a racially-charged spat recently after making disparaging comments about Jeremy Lin’s new dreadlocks. Lin published a piece in the Players’ Tribune earlier in the week in which he explored the often dicey issue of cultural appropriation.

Lin’s new hairstyle elicited a diatribe from Martin, who said claimed that Lin wants to be black and that he wouldn’t have gotten away with it if Martin were on his team. Lin issued a measured response both thanking Martin for his input and pointing out the hypocrisy of his tattoos of Chinese symbols.

Martin later tried to clarify that he didn’t intent his remarks to have racial overtones and that the whole thing had been blown out of proportion. But the damage had already been done. And by that, of course, we mean that Lil B The BasedGod had already caught wind of the situation and, without so much as firing a warning shot, went right ahead and issued a full-blown curse on K-Mart.

The Curse of the BasedGod is no laughing matter. Just look at the havoc it’s already wreaked on James Harden. Martin is no longer in the NBA, but as one of the more high-profile figures in Ice Cube’s BIG3 league, it could potentially have dire consequences.

But don’t expect Martin to ask Lil B’s forgiveness any time soon, so we might be in for a prolonged ordeal.