Lonzo Ball’s Grandfather May Be The Biggest Baller In The Entire Family

LaVar Ball‘s dad says that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. TMZ claims they snagged an interview with LaVar Ball’s father, and the Big Baller Brand-clad man sounds a lot like the CEO of the family company. Only identified as Grandpa Ball, the man said he’s excited for his grandson and talked about how the family celebrated Lonzo Ball‘s selection in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Wearing a Big Baller Brand shirt and with other BBB-sporting people around him, Ball talked a bit about LaVar when he was younger. He said he always calls him “Bravo” and though he said he wasn’t as talkative as his son LaVar, he was a very interested basketball father.

I didn’t let him play until he got into the tenth grade.

He was quick and he was strong and he was nine years old and they wanted him to play with 14 and 15-year olds and I said no. So that’s why he got a late start.

Anyway, Ball said he was excited about his grandson and thinks the Lakers are a perfect fit for him.

“Lonzo’s a great kid,” grandpa Ball said. “I think he’ll be a big asset to the Lakers.”

It remains to be seen whether LaVar Ball is a great fit for the Lakers, but we now know everyone in the Ball family believes in him.

(Via TMZ)