Lonzo Ball Has ‘No Reaction’ To LaVar’s Threat He’ll Leave The Lakers

02.16.18 2 years ago

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LaVar Ball has been telling anyone who’ll listen all about his master plan to eventually get all three of his basketball-playing sons on the same NBA team. And if Lonzo‘s current team, the Los Angeles Lakers, can’t or won’t make that happen, then he’s made it expressly clear that he’s more than happy to ply his sons’ wares someplace else.

Despite betraying a fundamental misunderstanding of how free agency, and NBA contracts in general, work, there are still plenty of lingering questions about whether either LiAngelo or LaMelo are even NBA-caliber players at this point. That they are currently on the other side of the world competing against questionable talent is another topic entirely.

Given LaVar’s interminable verbal posturing, it’s hard to put much stock in anything he says. That’s why even his own son thinks it’s hardly worth responding to. Here’s what he had to say when asked for his reaction to this father’s latest comments.

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