Lou Williams Has Filed A Trademark For ‘Lemon Pepper Lou’

One of the stories of the NBA Bubble seeding round was the absence of some of the Clippers key bench players, with Patrick Beverley, Montrezl Harrell, and Lou Williams all missing time due to personal reasons that kept them outside the Disney Bubble.

Williams famously had to quarantine for a full 10 days after his return to Orlando because of a trip he took to the noted fine Atlanta establishment, Magic City, where rapper Jack Harlow took a photo with him, setting off plenty of jokes and takes. Williams explained his trip to Magic as a simple takeout run to get some lemon pepper wings, and as someone that covered Lou in his time with the Hawks I can confirm he has long been a fan of the wings from Magic City Kitchen.

However, that didn’t stop the jokes nor was it believable enough for some, but Williams made it through quarantine without a positive test and has steadily worked his way back into form as the Clippers are now just a game away from the Western Conference Finals. On Thursday, Williams posted on his Instagram Story that he had filed a trademark for “Lemon Pepper Lou,” noting it’s the first time he’s “owned a joke.”

It’s a savvy business move from Lou, as he notes if folks want to make shirts about Lemon Pepper Lou they’ll now have to pay him to do so. Also, this wasn’t something that was ever going to fully go away, so steering into it and embracing the jokes is by far the best way to handle this, rather than trying to ignore it or push back against it.

Lemon Pepper Lou will be on the court again on Friday when the Clippers look to close out the Nuggets in Game 5 of their series.