Magic Johnson Was Texting ‘Notes’ To The Lakers Front Office During Anthony Davis Trade Talks

06.18.19 4 weeks ago

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Magic Johnson does not work for the Lakers anymore because he decided to quit, without informing anyone in the organization, on the final day of the regular season, leading to a surreal 90 minutes of him riffing with reporters about why he was leaving.

He then proceeded to go on First Take two months later and name GM Rob Pelinka as the executive he felt was stabbing him in the back, among other incredible revelations on national television. In any normal organization, Johnson would be effectively blacklisted for going out that way, but this is Magic and the Lakers and as such they are forever going to exist in an awkward relationship in which Johnson comes and goes as he pleases and the Lakers always welcome him with open arms.

Apparently, that was happening as recently as [checks notes] last week, when the Lakers were in the midst of trying to hammer out an Anthony Davis trade with the Pelicans. This is a trade that Johnson was unable to get done at the trade deadline, for various reasons, but apparently, he made sure to offer his thoughts throughout the process despite no longer working for the team.

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